About CML Precision

Camel Precision Co.,Ltd. was founded In 1981, with initial investment of USD 5 million. This decisive investment was recognized by government as one of the three major investments of the year. This was a big step in leading local industries toward ”industry Automation”.

The management of company fully awards of high quality products requires not only sophisticate machinery, But good knowledge in technology is also important as well. With this sense in mind, company invited senior engineers from Germany and Japan to lead the manufacturing and training of local engineers in hydraulic industry. This had put Camel Precision into a solid ground of designing and manufacturing along its path of growing.

As of this day, company’s quality products are highly recognized domestically and world widely. Nevertheless, providing top quality products and service to all industries, will still be company’s long term policy goal.

Butuh suku cadang industri dari CML Precision? Pesan sekarang dan dapatkan harga menarik!

Products of CML Precision

Directional Valve & Hydraulic Valvs
Modular Valve, Flow Control Valve
Pressure Control Valve
Power Unit


Internal Gear Pump – Imported